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Our Mission is to make people aware of the fact that our rights to bear green laser pointers are in grave danger. The Homeland Security Act combined with the actions of people with no common sense about using these lasers are putting our rights at risk.

Every day, there are more news articles that expound the evils of green laser pointers. Well, it's not the fault of the pointers, it's the fault of the people behind them. Just as the right to bear arms, we have a right to bear laser pointers. But our government and the sheep that follow the politicians in Washington only see the evil that can be caused by these green lasers.

Help us support the fight against the sheep that don't understand the good in green laser pointers. Spread the word about NGLPA and the work we are doing here. Tell your friends, coworkers, and try to convert the sheep on the street. And by all means, visit our online store, and show your support today!

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National Green Laser Pointer Association, a member of the National Collective of the Oddest Organizations.

(Note: This organization is not real.. We do this for fun. It's satire, a parody, humor, it's supposed to be funny, etc. While this is a parody, there is a grain of truth to it. All of the linked articles are real and they do show a trend that is described here. There is a shocking trend in our society to blame the tool, not the person using it.

Oh, well, one thing on this site is real. The store really is selling NGLPA merchandise. If you see something you like, or don't see something you might like, drop us a line at nglpa.sales@ncoo.org and we'll see what we can do!)

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