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Dear ______________:

I believe that laser pointers should not be regulated by any more laws than those which they are already regulated.

The United States Bill of Rights unequivocally protects each American's God-given rights from government interference. If you ban laser pointers solely based on the actions of a few irresponsible persons, you will be punishing the majority, for the actions of a very small minority.

Furthermore, punishing those people who are ignorant of the law, or those that break the law quite by accident, using the Patriot Act criteria, is completely unwarranted. A great example of this is the case of David W. Banach, the man from New Jersey accused of shining a laser pointer into the cockpit of a plane. If this man is convicted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the Patriot Act, he could still be in prison when his 7-year old daughter graduates from high school. This does not excuse him from the consequences of his actions, but I believe that the punishment should fit the crime.

Please let me have your assurance that you will work to put the Patriot Act back on track, to punish the terrorists it was designed to punish, not ordinary citizens who have broken laws that already exist. To protect our freedoms, instead of limiting our right to pursue happiness with the recreational use of laser pointers.


John Q. Citizen

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